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Coimbatore student from National Model School (CBSE), interacts with Prime Minister


On 3rd June, our student Chitrakar Theprak of National Model School (CBSE) attended a live session and interacted with our Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The video conference was organised by Ministry of Education and CBSE board and 38 students across the country attended the live session. Chitrakar Therak represented Tamil Nadu.


While sharing his experience, Chitrakar said, “Prime Minister spoke about the health and safety of students during the covid-19 pandemic. He asked about our feedback on cancellation of CBSE XII board. PM also interacted with parents.” 


When Chitrakar got his turn to share his views, he said, “I told the Prime Minister that I was anticipating cancellation of the board exams and I am now focusing on preparation for competitive examinations. I also told him that it is a good decision to cancel the board examinations”.


Dr. Geetha Laxman, Principal National Model Sr. Sec School, Coimbatore, said “Chitrakar Thepra, a Grade 12 student of our school had the once-in-lifetime experience of getting a platform to interact with our Honorable Prime Minister. Chitrakar Thepra is a student of ours since his Pre-nursery and our entire National Model fraternity is happy for him and wishes him Good luck. I record my sincere thanks to CBSE Chairman, Director Academics and Joint Secretary Academics for the opportunity given to our school to represent Tamil Nadu”.


National Model School felt much honored to be a part of the interactive program organized by the government. Prime Minister’s gesture of reaching out to CBSE students is indeed spectacular, said Dr. P. Mohan Chandar, Chairman of National Model Group of Schools.


Chitrakar shared his experience with Media, and it was covered extensively across all main electronic and press media in Coimbatore –

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He also shared his experience in a Video, and an article that he shared

Chitrakar Theprak shared his experience in the below note:"


The Story of my Big Day!



June 2nd was just a normal day for me until I received a call at 6:36 pm. My phone was ringing. I looked over at the number. It was our principal Mrs. Geetha Laxman and my heart skipped a beat ! Adding to fear , I had missed her calls four times. I held my breath and returned the call. Mrs. Geetha greeted me with the usual, kind and firm tone. She asked if everything is well with me. We were chatting about the cancellation of 12th Board exams, lockdown, government measures etc., At the end of the conversation she said, ‘You will be representing the students of Tamil nadu in a meeting tomorrow with the Secretary of School Education Mrs Anita Karwal’. I was just so happy that my excitement level was over the roof. She wished me good luck and added that I deserve this chance having travelled in the journey of National Model Schools for 15 years. It was a beautiful moment and after the call I started reminiscing the days I used to spend on stages for elocutions, debates , group discussions etc., With loads of energy, I started to work for the big day. At 8:30 pm I had a meeting with Dr Joseph Emmanuel and Dr Pragya M Singh who were Directors of Academics CBSE. The meeting included 19 participants all over the country and we were briefed on the next day’s meeting. I called my principal to update and she reminded me to maintain the secrecy of the event. I prepared till 11:20 pm. Finally that was my Big Day! I was totally prepared and confident to deliver my thoughts. I joined the meeting at 11 am and the meeting started at 12 'o'clock with the opening address of Mrs Anita Karwal. The objective of the meeting was knowing the students’ state of mind on cancellation of board exams for grade 12th . We had a causal interaction among the team where I even shared the recipes I tried during lockdown. All of a sudden there was an announcement that in a short while a special person will be joining us. Yes !!!! The dream come true moment ! It was our honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi Ji… Incredible. I was impatiently waiting for my turn to speak. I started to introduce myself and having to know that I am from Coimbatore, Tamilnadu , our PM greeted me and my family back saying ‘Vanakkam’. During the conversation, I shared that it was a wise decision taking into consideration the safety of the students and having said, ‘I had predicted the cancelation of the board exams and focused on competitive exams’. He laughed and jokingly asked me if I know Astrology. I didn’t know those 2 hours would be the best two hours of my life. The Prime Minister spoke about the youth and their contribution to the country and our independence. The prime minister stressed that the health and safety of our students is of utmost importance and there would be no compromise on this aspect. The session ended with a positive note by our PM which will motivate us in our future endeavors. After the meeting, I exhaled deeply and called my principal and expressed my joy to her and surprised my school correspondent Mr. Mohan Chandar Palaniswamy and secretary Mrs. Uma Mohan . They were very pleased to hear this and appreciated me, which felt really special. They motivated me to achieve even greater heights of accomplishments in my life.


- Chitrakar Thepra

National Model Schools

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