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Cambridge Curriculum


This curriculum is thoroughly exceptional as its title claims to do so. This flexible yet challenging sector improves the student’s personality, confidence, determination and dedication in an optimistic way. They adhere to a rational and sophisticated approach towards culture and origin.

They focus not only to reach the finale but relish the teachings that are tagged along the way. This course stimulates the students to find the purpose of eternity, for a better understanding of the world.


This curriculum is very easy going and is naturally accustomed to flexibility. It inspires and motivates parents to make their children feel more comfortable to learn and quench their thought processes. And all this is done in a more fun, thoughtful and exciting way. With fun, comes the need to know more. And eventually, a place where they intend to study would become the place where would love to go.

Additional Benefits of Cambridge Curriculum

  • Listed faculty with first-class teaching. They place the student as their only priority and they focus on every student with equal methods. The teachers are exceptionally trained, and therefore they know exactly what they are doing. Not only education, but the student here, achieves a high level of confidence, optimism and the will to achieve anything and everything.

  • Acquires the method of learning more realistically. Hence naturally this encourages the students to explore everything they come across and the will to question and ponder multiplies in them.

  • Helps in developing analytic, communication and cognitive skills, problem-solving ability and personality development, etc.

  • Offers myriad subjects to learn and observe

  • Expert in manifesting international philosophy with local essence combined. This method involves a multitude of cultures and histories, and in that sense, the manifestation becomes a tremendous success.

  • Delivers first-class support through publications, online resources, training and professional development.

This mode of education is offered exclusively in :

Cambridge Curriculum

CBSE Curriculum

Our CBSE branch offers the exquisite and prominent national level board of education where the focus is fixed on carefree methods of successful results for the students. The faculties are nothing short of a dream team that establishes better than yesterday, each day.

Additional Benefits of CBSE Curriculum

  • The syllabus is structured and standardized, and therefore the curriculum will be the same even if the student changes from one CBSE school to another, and how easy and convenient this whole system works is an understatement in itself.

  • Most of the medicine and engineering competitive exams are based on the CBSE syllabus. CBSE follows the guidelines of the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) across all subjects. Extra efforts are avoided as it is predominantly followed right from the beginning of their education

  • Students are mandatorily promoted until Class 8th. This makes the student build his/her confidence and the mental stability is maintained.  

  • CBSE allows both regular as well as private students to sit for an exam.

  • The secondary curriculum of the CBSE focuses on seven major learning areas, which can vary between schools.

This curriculum is offered in : 

CBSE Curriculum

State Board Curriculum

Tamil Nadu State Board is one of the popular curricula followed in Tamil Nadu. This branch offers the popular State Board curriculum that falls under the Department of Education, Government of Tamil Nadu. The students are offered immediate knowledge of recent affairs, in theoretical and practical methods. The two main examinations conducted by the TN Board are SSLC (Secondary School Leaving Certificate) and HSC (Higher Secondary Certificate).

Additional Benefits of State Board Curriculum

  • This curriculum follows topics and content of local relevance which help students in preparing for state-level engineering and medical entrance tests.

  • Regional languages and cultures have a prominent place in the syllabus.

  • The language of instruction in state board schools is usually English and local dialects. 

  • It's just the difference in the basis of the system with different sectors of the curriculum. But the care and its priorities remain intact.

This mode of education is available in: 

State Board Curriculum
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